Operation Ivy - MEGAPOST (1987 - 1989) 4/20/2008

Operation Ivy - Discography + Bootlegs [280 MB]

My favorite band (wiki)... Associates of Filth and Crimpshrine. This zip includes the remastered version of the Energy compilation, as well as the following bootlegs:

'69 Newport
East Bay EP
Lint King of Ska
Plea For Peace
Ramones EP
Sound System
Unreleased Energy

Most of these bootlegs are terrible, but there are at least an album's worth of unreleased gems hidden in there. "Plea For Peace," "Someday," "Face That Screams," "Hedgecore," "6 to 10," etc.


tpot said...

this is a shitload of operation ivy

justin said...

Great post of an absolutely incredible band. Thanx for this.

peskypesky said...

thanks for the op ivy.

yanix said...

thanks for the songs... i really look for the Operation Ivy albums...