INTERVIEW: Nac/Hut Report + 1000 Double Difference Error EP ('09) 10/11/2009

Today we have an Interview + EP download from Poland's Nac/Hut Report! I highly encourage you to download their EP at the bottom of the post, these guys are fantastic!

Tortured guitars and Kollaps-ed melodies on cheap electronics and concrete noises... Everything Mix-ed up together for no obvious reason... The worst kind of post-modernism...

Who are you, and how did you get started as a band?

M.A.D.ame Decode: I’m M.A.D.ame Decode and the other guy is Li/ese/Li, we met the first time two years ago in Krakow. In that period I worked mainly with visual art, while Li/ese/Li was already into music since some years.

One year after our meeting we started to live together in Italy and there was born the idea of the band.

Li/ese/Li: In the beginning another musician, called Blume, worked with us, but then he has moved outside Italy, so now he just sends us the audio material.

You've been mysteriously posting "Nac/Hut Report has not died for delirium" on various music blogs. Is this some sort of viral marketing campaign or are you both insane?

M.A.D.: No, there is no marketing strategy. We just spend a lot of time on music blogs. Probably we are both insane.

You cite Musique Concrete as one of your influences. How did you get interested in this obscure genre?

Li/ese/Li: For some period in the past, I’ve been influenced by the use of guitar of Glenn Branca and Sonic Youth, but we didn’t want to use these guitars in the context of rock and pop music, with a conventional drum and all the rest. We thought that we could create some kind of pop music only using noises without all the harmonization typical of pop genres, so Musique Concrete was quite natural to us. We have been very influenced by Pierre Schaeffere, Pierre Henry and Jean Tinguely

M.A.D.: We also wanted to use this part of european avantgarde tradition. Musique Concrete was perfect reference for us, because even the way this musicians composed was particular, most of them were also visual artist so their methodology of producing the composition was very differnt from the classical one, was much more pictorical, I could risk to say even abstractive, the sounds didn’t play the conventional part: rythm, melody... but were more as objects placed in the space of sound. For what we wanted to do with pop songs was a perfect idea. Completely other kind of reciving music, as a piece of art that you can modulate and construct in a way as you construct a model, a landscape, an abstaction.

Li/ese/li: The very first idea of the band was to create some “concrete” compositions and just play experimental gituar and pop vocal melodies on them, but later we had some problem with linear vocals and we started decompose them.

What animal best describes your band and why?

Rats, they always find what they need in the what we’re doing with sound.

Madame Decode, you look very cool in your myspace gallery. Will you be my internet girlfriend?

M.A.D.: I don’t know if i can have an internet relationship in this period...i should ask my psychiatrist.

Nac/Hut Report - 1000 Double Difference Error EP



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