Cranford Nix - Live On Hidden Talent [1996] Mp3s 11/27/2013


7 songs taken from a live recording of Cranford found on youtube. The songs have been cut into separate Mp3s and normalized. The interview segment has been moved to the end of the track list.

Thanks to Timothy Steffes for uploading the original video. Video playlist is available here.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Too Many Problems
3. Cigarettes and Heroin
4. Suicide or Alcohol
5. Klonopins
6. Barroom Angel
7. Mexico
8. Sadie (I Met a Girl in N.A.)
9. Interview

I'll be attempting to catalog and post the rest of his solo material. The majority of it is availabe on, but there are a few stray songs out there not available on that site.


Dino said...

Howdy! This is awesome. If I'm missing anything on the web site, please let me know, I definitely want to get it up for people to download. :D

Dino said...

I'm Tim, btw. haha

PukeSkywalker said...

Hey Tim,

I did find some Audio for the band Boomerrang Bitchslap. The best part of that is a full-band version of Klonopin that is really good.

Another one is his live performance at The Gold Dollar in 2001. I haven't had time to make them into mp3s but I will make sure to get that to you